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20 Years of Experience

About Howell Davies

With 20 years of experience as a specialist welding subcontractor to the Gas, Oil and Petrochemical Industries, Howell Davies has built a reputation as the Welding Subcontractor of Choice.

If professionally managed quality outcomes, delivered safely to meet your work schedules appeals to you, then look no further.

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Howell Davies was founded towards a focus on Pipeline and associated piping systems Installations. 

Howell Davies is fully equipped with some of the latest equipment within the welding industry from Basic MMA to Full Automated Pipe Welding Systems.

We Offer a Range of Vehicles for Hire

Under the leadership of Jonathan Davies, Howell Davies draws on over 20 years of experience in the Gas & Oil and Petrochemical Industry both in Australia and Internationally to design and fit out machinery specifically built to meet the demands of the Pipeline Industry.

4x4 Vehicles

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Trucks & Trailers

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Habitats & Other

Our Projects
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